In addition to our work with habitats, and living systems, Variance Design has created a variety of sculptural and architecturally accompanying works both for commission and direct to the consumer. Below are some examples of previous projects ranging from large, interactive statement pieces to smaller accent pieces. From vessels and planters to more involved artistic pieces, Variance excels at bringing out of the box ideas to fruition with style and grace that endure through time.



Constructed from over 400 individual, custom designed stainless steel triangles, the giant bionic hand is an impressive feat in a stationary position. Combining a collection of gas shocks and actuators representing the tendons, ligaments, and muscles of a human hand with programmed movements of an artificial central nervous system, the moving work of art creates an interactive experience to the inner workings of the human hand. Standing nearly 30’ high, the hand is a featured exhibit of the outdoor expansion of the Science Mill in Johnson City, Texas.



The Wave Pendulum at The Science Mill in Johnson City, TX. demonstrates the laws of physics on a grand scale. Variance Design fabricated a minimal frame standing at 20’ high and 15’ long where 12 individual hanging pendulums are simultaneously released. The 12 pendulums vary in length resulting in different patterns over time. The elegant frame and chrome globes at the end of the pendulums merge science education with the artistic elements of the kinetic sculpture.



The Fossil Dig is an outdoor interactive experience at the Science Mill in Johnson City, Texas. Situated in a man made dry creek bed, the exhibit provides budding paleontologists an opportunity to use some of the tools used to explore locating, revealing, and identifying some extremely realistic replicas of animals from another time. Given the exhibit is predominantly subterranean, a large stainless steel boulder was fabricated to house the excavation tools as well as custom graphics providing a map and species identification to help kids in their search..



Five-sided vessel with bottom scaled to Fibonacci’s proportions. Crafted from 12 gauge hot rolled steel. Each vessel is created, hand welded, and finished by the Variance crew. The natural patina of the metal is sealed with an acrylic matte finish. The Asymmetrical Vessel can be powder coated, or crafted from stainless steel if desired. Approximate dimensions are 27” L X 21” W x 11” H



Crafted from a single piece of 12 gauge hot rolled steel, this 15-inch (point to point) hexagon base stands on three triangular legs. Total height of stand is approximately 19.5” The natural patina of the metal is sealed with an acrylic matte finish. The Hex Stand can be power coated or crafted from stainless steel if so desired.



Variance Design has honed their concrete skills to create cast stone vessels in a variety of sizes and shapes suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Color can be introduced in the process to create some truly unique pieces for both commercial and residential applications. We also offer sculptural pieces from this series such as various sized orbs and bird baths to create additional interest to your project.