Variance Design Hive Series | Planter Stands

Welcome to our new website and our first blog post!  Our team has been pretty busy between various living wall projects and zoo exhibits, along with trying to finish the new Variance Design World Headquarters nestled on Town Creek in downtown Johnson City, Texas. For our first entry, we thought we would walk through the process of one of our recent projects.  We were tasked to design and fabricate a 5 piece set of plant stands for a client who will be displaying a rotating collection of different exotic species.  The requirements were that the stands be able to hold up to 500 lbs and be 38” tall by 24” across.  In general we shoot for an understated, clean, but elegant design in our work and we like a nice mix of materials.  We’ve also been developing a collection we’re calling the Hive Series and we thought that this would be a good opportunity to incorporate some of our concepts into this project. 

We started with a steel tripod leg design from some previous Variance Design pieces and tweaked them to match a hexagonal top, central to our Hive Series concept.  The stands were fabricated from 1/8” stainless steel, all cut, bent, welded, and painted in house.  For the top, we used a deck of black locust boards.  This wood is an incredibly hard, dense, and durable species that ages beautifully and matched some existing architectural details in the client’s space.  Given the specific utility of the stands, we added a hidden steel catch pan beneath the wood deck that is meant to collect up to a gallon of water.  The catch pan has a drain through design with a hidden removable stopper underneath the stand.  We’re pretty proud of how they turned out and look forward to sharing some updates soon of them in their new home.  If you love them too, hit us up and let’s talk about different options/possibilities.  We really like doing these types of projects and look forward to expanding our Hive Series into more furnishings. We hope you will explore our new website, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and look out for more project updates and announcements.

zac zamora