Connecting People to the Natural World

Variance IHS specializes in small scale living exhibits. We get a kick out of highlighting miniature ecosystems for public display. Reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates, along with their vegetated biotopes is our sweet spot.

Experimentation is a big part of who we are and many ideas simply will not leave us alone. Through the creation of prototypes, we often discover ideas that will be the building blocks for tomorrows systems, along with a few contraptions more suitable for the recycle bin.

Our turn-key habitats, complete with themed decor, modern life support, and endemic vegetation can be found in reputable locations around the US.

Our Team:
Zac Zamora
Ben Eiben
Jeff Swanson
Jared Stotz
Dean Hansen
Erik O' Brian
Natalie Zamora
Mitch Stogner

AMNH New York
San Diego Zoo
Smithsonian Institute
National Aquarium In Baltimore
Henry Vilas Zoo
Como Park Zoo
Eco Life Foundation
Sea World San Diego
Furbish Company
Aquarium Zen
Austin Children's Museum
Houston Zoo